From small car repair garages to entire car factories, complex paint jobs and repairs require exact quantities and mix of thousand types of paints, finisher, addition of metallic parts etc to get just the specific color look and feel of your Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Daf trucks, Volvo or Audi.


Our software tools like ColorNet, ColorQuick, Ecomix etc. are used in over 60.000 individual car repair shops all over the world as can be seen on this map. Coteng is taking care of dynamic software development in 22 languages and even more countries, and provides maintenance as well as the logistics for the quarterly roll out of updates and new features.

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Coteng builds high-capacity high speed store and forward unified message switching systems. The founder’s ambition to provide software that positively surprises has always been reflected in the care by which architectures and user interfaces are developed, in very close cooperation and under continuous analyses with the client. > read more

Femail® Cheetah is a proven stable and modular platform that allows mail users to easily manage the company wide message traffic , providing integration with - and links to - MS Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, Groupwise, MHS, fax, sms, telex, network, printers...

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SMS over IP strongly simplifies reaching out to outside staff for scheduling of meetings and urgent information ex-change. Our newest application integrates smoothly with existing desktop scheduling applications such as outlook.

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70% of customers use our software for more than 6 years; 92% rates it good or excellent. And 97% feels the same of our support and of our capability to meet their overall project objectives. Our ISO 9001 certification was just the first step in achieving total customer satisfaction. > read more