FemailŪ Cheetah unified messaging and message automation

FemailŪ Cheetah

FemailŪ Cheetah is a high-end store- and forward universal message system that allows connecting different mail environments to the outside world, as well as interconnecting them. It is a network application specifically designed to handle messages on local and wide area networks. FemailŪ Cheetah stands for a high quality and integrated environment for easily managing your message traffic in your company providing integration with - and links to - MS Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino, Groupwise, MHS, fax, sms, telex, network, printers, and so on.

Based on our more then 20 years of experience in the message handling business we have built up a strong know how in this field. That is why FemailŪ Cheetah is not just another off the shelf fax package, but a complete and reliable messaging system. It is a solid product that has grown and evolved thanks to years of experience and customer feed-back. Thanks to its modular structure FemailŪ Cheetah can be tailor made to fit your exact needs. On top of this we have a long history of working closely together with our customers, analysing their business needs and providing perfect integration with their existing business processes through customised software development using FemailŪ Cheetah as a development platform for building fully customised messaging environments.

Advantages of Femail® Cheetah

  • Easy and user-friendly message handling.
  • Possibility to address messages to different environments (fax, sms, etc.) in one single message.
  • Local or central conversion of attachments.
  • Central control and general overview of all messages sent or received within your company.
  • Open SQL-accessible database for all message information.
  • Detailed status overview of outgoing and incoming messages.
  • Automatic routing of incoming fax, sms, etc. to your mailbox or printer.
  • Comprehensive integration with e-mail systems.
  • Made-to-measure by modular structure.
  • Supports running on Virtual Servers

Companies using Femail® Cheetah

Our international customer base ranges from small and medium business to large enterprises and governmental organisations. Next to using Femail® Cheetah for their messaging integration and automation they also:

  • Used it to build a platform to support all their mobile phone messaging needs capable of sending out up to 20.000 mobile messages per hour.
  • Service more than 50% of all Inmarsat satellite messaging world wide
  • Built a European wide network of autonomous systems linked together for least cost routing.
  • Use it to extend their own in-house developed software applications, some of them running on mainframe, with fax, sms, etc. functionality.


The FemailŪ Cheetah Gateway is the messaging server that handles the interconnectivity with other environments and takes care of the message processing. Depending on your needs instead of a single server also a farm of Gateway servers can work together to provide load-balancing. If specific hardware is required such as fax boards, GSM modems, etc. this will be fitted into or connected to the Gateway servers.

Configuration and message information is stored in a central MS SQL server database which is shared among all Gateways. This provides you with a central view of all incoming and outgoing message traffic. Specialised software is available to provide you with statistical information about your message traffic, but since it is an open database using the SQL standard customers can build their own tools to do more business specific data mining or archiving.

A FemailŪ Cheetah Windows Client is available to send, receive and follow up message, but in most cases users will simply send and receive their messages using their familiar mail client such as MS Outlook or Notes. Next to the Windows client, Webspresso, a browser base client is also available.


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