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Software development

Through the combined effort of our team of Senior Microsoft professionals supported by our Indian based development teams we can offer an exceptional combination of a high level and close interaction between the customer and our software architects with high quality software development at highly competitive development rates.

Rather unique in the software development industry is the possibility to work based on the principle of no cure-no pay. This of course demands up front a thorough analyses of the customers expectations, which will only improve the quality of the end product. Project based on a fixed hourly rate are of course also possible.

Some of our successful partnerships

The company world of droids is well on its way to become the market reference in electronic wireless multimedia communication by offering affordable innovative easy to use digital signage solutions.
Being an expert in communication, Coteng is proud for having been chosen by the management of world of droids as its partner to take care of all software development and infrastructural design.


Custom software for the automotive paint industry

For over a decade now we are the trusted software partner for one of the worlds leading car paint manufacturers. Our colour tool department develops a wide range of software for colour marketing. Software that is used in car repair shops all over the world to assist in every aspect of a repair job, going from colour measurement over calculating and retrieving the best matching colour formula from large databases to sending these formulas to scales and mixing machines. To achieve this the software tightly integrates with major brands of ‘intelligent’ scales, photospectrometers and label printers. All of this is made available through products ranging from simple stand-alone software to complete integrated networks of computers, scales and other related hardware.

In this continuously evolving market where colours are being created and implemented on a daily basis, Coteng is taking care of software development, maintenance as well as the logistics for the production of regular updates sending out batches of over 40.000 update CD's several times a year.


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