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The company world of droids is well on its way to become the market reference in electronic wireless multimedia communication by offering affordable innovative easy to use digital signage solutions.
Being an expert in communication, Coteng is proud for having been chosen by the management of world of droids as its partner to take care of all software development and infrastructural design.

This implies:

  • The development, hosting and maintenance of the world of droids Media Center. Which consists of two parts: A large on-line database of media files, programs and schedules called the Media Store, and a set of on-line services which form the active server components for the Droids and the on-line tools such as STUDIO.
  • The development and distribution of the world of droids STUDIO, an on-line multi-media application which is used by the customers of world of droids to manage their media library, stage and preview programs and assign schedules for their Droids. This allows them to have instant on-line control on the content that their Droids are playing.
  • The development, assembly and distributions of Droids. These are the embedded devices that play the published content on a fast range of LCD, plasma, single monitor, video wall, projectors, etc. Updating their content and reporting back via the Internet through fixed LAN/Wifi connections or UMTS/GPRS/HSDPA dial-up connections over the mobile phone network.
  • Actively and continuously invent, evaluate and adopt new technologies (in both hard- and software) to help world of droids maintain its position as main innovator in the world of digital signage

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