How to pick the most suitable software solution

standard software versus custom software

To some companies it might be a real challenge to value the most suitable software solution for their business idea. Putting down a positive ROI as the end result turns out to be quite a task. Do you now opt for standard software or do you go for a tailor-made solution? We wrote a report in which we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both software options based on our years of expertise.

Didier Stickens

Do you adjust the system or do your people adapt to the software?

There is no ready-made answer to this question without first going through a few steps.

Start with getting a clear view on the business processes. It’s wrong to expect that software will turn companies with poor process control into good process control. Both standard and custom software projects will have a high chance of succeeding in an environment with good focus on the process.

Then appoint an internal capable decision maker who knows the company procedures well.
Let this person evaluate thoroughly:

  • Do you need external consultants to adapt to the system?
  • Do you need configuration to change your needs?
  • Is the system future proof? 
  • Do you need change management?
  • What about license costs?


This person will decide whether custom solutions will have an impact or the standard will do fine.

Also take into consideration the fact that nowadays companies are no longer solely judged by the quality of their product but on the total customer experience.

Read the full report here

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