Quantify the advantage of your product: the power of digital tools in sales

From kick-off discussion to delivery of the multi-language application in just three months !

Didier Stickens

It can sometimes be difficult to prove and quantify the financial benefits of a product to a specific prospect. In such cases, an app can be a valuable tool for the sales team. In this blog, we discuss how the quick development of an app helped our client respond to the latest news.

Reducing energy costs

The energy crisis has affected us all. Our customer Axalta, a multinational company that produces automotive paints for body shops, wanted to respond to it. They developed a product with a faster drying time compared to the standard variant. A shorter drying time in the oven results in lower energy costs. To convince body shops of this advantage, we developed an app in which various parameters such as oven type, ventilation volume, oven heating time etc. could be entered. The app performs the complex calculations and the annual energy benefit of the product is immediately displayed graphically.

Speed pays off

Responding to current developments can give a company a significant competitive advantage. It is therefore essential to deploy the business idea quickly. During an energy crisis, prospects are much more sensitive to energy benefits. For this reason, we developed the app for demonstrating and quantifying energy savings in an ultra-short time. From kick-off discussion to delivery in just three months.


The tool had to be first of all an aid which means that simplicity and user-friendliness had to be the main focus during development. Therefore, Axalta’s product portfolio and corresponding product features are loaded from the existing Axalta databases and kept up-to-date. Moreover, users are guided through a wizard that leads them step by step in setting up a comparison in the app. This way, they feel confident in front of (potential) customers.

Finally, we see that companies that manage to offer the right solutions to their customers at the right time gain an advantage. It is important to be alert to customer challenges as well as responding to current events. Digital tools can significantly support the sales team, provided they are user-friendly and ready on time!

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