We design and make custom software.

Custom software is sometimes preferred because standard packages mostly require you to pay licence fees, are expensive to be customized to your needs, and may force you to adapt your business process or product to the software.
Standard packages often offer a lot of functionalities, a lot of companies use less than half of it, but you pay the full price from day 1.
Custom software also comes with a price, but it can be directly tailor made to your needs, you can start small, grow or adapt over time.
Custom software is sometimes the only option, because your business process or your product is so unique that no standard software exists.

When we start working with a customer, we will first make sure we understand your process or product. Because we strongly believe that combining your process or product expertise with our ICT expertise will deliver a better result. During development, we will show prototypes and ask for feedback, because we understand requirements can change, and ideas often need to "grow".

Custom software

Over 20 years experience in custom software development for large multinational customers as well as for small private company.

Long term partnerships

We invest in a long term partnership, we aim for a symbiotic relationship with our customers where our combined expertise results in an excellent user experience.

Agile development

We aim for Agile software development: fast prototyping & we allow you to change your mind during development, because we understand requirements can change, good ideas need to grow.


In our 20 years existence we have gained a lot of experience in the following domains:

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