Coteng in the spotlight: Our company on Kanaal Z

Kanal Z interviewing Didier Stickens at Coteng

Whatever type of software you implement, make sure that users experience it as a help in their work. Only software that employees like to use delivers a positive ROI

Didier Stickens

Recently we were visited by the reporters of Kanaal Z, a television channel for entrepreneurs. The station wanted to learn more about custom software and at the same time discover our working method.

In this article we already provide the key messages. Watch the video to learn more about Coteng. 

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Commitment pays off

In the video you get a look behind the scenes of our company. You will see, among other things, how we also have our own branch in India. And how we work intensively on projects there with our fellow engineers. In addition to strong technical knowledge, our team also has business acumen. An important added value since we closely involve our engineers in the projects of our customers. In this way, they also remain challenged, which provides significant benefits to both the team and the customer as we work together with our customers for many years.

IT as an opportunity

When asked what kind of companies we mainly work for, the answer is quite broad. Coteng works both for foreign multinationals that have customers worldwide and for SMEs such as wind farms. Even start-ups with an innovative idea can come to us. What all our customers have in common is that they see IT as an opportunity and not as a cost.

Variable digital solutions

We are called in by various departments of companies to propose a digital solution. For example, sales and marketing departments are looking for ways to bind their customers by optimizing the customer journey. PMO’s mainly want to automate their internal business processes.