When digital tools become a real help

When software helps you achieve your targets

In the business world, employees now also expect the same degree of user-friendliness.

Didier Stickens

Digital tools and apps are indispensable in our private lives. Whether we book our holiday online or consult our bank account, we are eager to use them. They are even fully established. As consumers, we expect optimal convenience or we drop out. Companies do everything they can to optimize that customer experience and to bind customers to their system.

Outstanding user experience

In the business world, these same consumers, now as employees, expect the same degree of digitization and user-friendliness in their work environment. That is not yet the case everywhere. If the offered tool does not bring about significant progress in day-to-day operation, it is simply ignored. A waste of effort and investment, isn’t it?

Digital progress pays off

More and more companies understand this and are investing in the digitization of business processes and the automation of repetitive actions. It is important to closely involve employees in this digital transformation process. Analyze their needs as a user in advance. And let them test the tool or prototype. Engaged employees will be much more motivated if the tool enables them to achieve their goals effectively. In addition, job satisfaction and efficiency will also increase. Something that companies really have to work on in times of serious labor shortages.